Moranges First Edition - Uncut Sheet

Moranges First Edition - Uncut Sheet
Moranges Deck is a playful deck of Playing Cards, inspired by vintage casino design and was the first ever deck done by Magic Encarta (Vivek Singhi) and have been SOLDOUT since 2016.

A minimalist mirrored back design deriving its name as well as colors from blending theme of Mangoes and Oranges, it was a deck that was created with easy to read faces, a deck that people would use everyday for both Cardistry & Magic.

The TUCK BOX has been printed on a special stock that feels like velvet to give you the feel of holding an actual fruit. The tuck box features a unique surface combined with fusion of color layering that reflects light vivdly at different angles.

Every purchase of Moranges Uncut Sheets includes a FREE Moranges Deck FIRST EDITION DECK with every purchase.

Only 10 uncut sheets exist and made available !!!
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