To give you the power to perform that will make people believe the impossible by providing unique and highly effective hard hitting magic as well new ideas and accessories amid constant innovation.

There are many places to purchase magic videos and magic tricks. Magic Encarta is different – each of our training videos has been expertly produced by Magic Encarta. Every second of the training has been filmed and edited with the single goal of putting great magic in your hands to give you the best that we have to offer which not only helps you effectively learn the effect but to also help you grow as a performer and amaze your audience.

Magic Encarta was founded by a group of magic enthusiasts with a passion for the art of magic, having experience of more than a decade. We have assembled a team of like-minded, experienced professional magicians to make their dream of teaching magic and spreading it across the globe a reality. Magic Encarta team is committed to producing original content designed to get the best audience reactions, and will do anything necessary to continue to deliver exciting new magic to the world.

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