The healthiest and tastiest deck ever produced !!!

A Casino Style Deck themed deck based on simplicity, elegance and vibrant colors that has been designed for both Cardistry & Magic

The unique fruit based themed design makes the deck a must have for both magicians and cardists alike.

Satisfy your sweet and sour cravings by playing with your your favorite fruits in your deck of cards !!!

• Fully Custom Deck with Custom Pips including custom court cards & custom Ace of Spades
• 2 Custom Jokers
• Includes Double Backer
• Custom Queen Gaff Card designed specifically for this deck
• Limited Edition of 1000 decks
• Custom Luxurious Velvet Feel Tuck Box
• CUSTOM 6 Pack (Half Brick Box) available with purchase of every 6 decks of the same color
• Poker sized

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Product Name Price Qty

Flavors Cherry's


Flavors Grapes


Flavors - Mixed Fruit Box


Flavors Lemons


Flavors Pineapples


Flavors Watermelons


Flavors Pears

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