STARDUST TRAINERS - (Retro Foil Edition)

STARDUST TRAINERS - (Retro Foil Edition)
Cardistry trainers are tools that are specifically made for helping YOU evolve, practice, and create new moves in cardistry.

Unlike all the trainers ever done by Magic Encarta, these combine fiberboards, resin, a unique metallic foil and a special liquid that helps bring all these together into an ultra luxurious, high quality stunning piece of art.

A lot goes into the process of STARDUST's including laser cutting, spray polishing, sanding, polishing, fusing of the special foil not only on the surface but as well as around the edges of STARDUST and a lot more is what makes them so unique and breath taking.


* Perfect appearance, glittering and translucent carving.
* Both sides are designed with a curved screen, great handling and smooth for cardistry.
* You don't have to worry about the deck sticking together, unlike some other trainers on the market. These separate flawlessly, allowing for smooth cuts and movements.
* The trainers are washable, so you can directly stuff them into your pocket, backpack, and also never worry about dropping them in mud or any other unfriendly places with the fear of them getting dirty.
* ONE SET contains 5 pieces.

PS: Given the complexities of the process, these being hand crafted and take time, only a handful of these are made available in limited quantities.

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