Santa Trainers (Limited Edition)

Santa Trainers (Limited Edition)
A new trend has risen over the last few years - and we see so many possibilities with it.

Magic Encarta is proud to present the very special limited release of Santa Trainers just in time for Christmas, These laser etched trainers look super awesome, perfect to practice without worrying about dropping your cards, nearly unbreakable and with proper care, will literally LAST FOREVER !!

Also these are very luminescent, glow crazy in normal sun light but the real beauty is when you put them under UV Light !! The photos should give you a fair idea of how awesome the glow is.

If you are looking for something special this Christmas, we strongly recommend these SUPER LIMITED SANTA TRAINERS.

Limited Edition of 10 Sets.

Ho Ho Ho !! Merry Christmas !!

* Awesome luminesence appearance under black light.
* Laser Etched.
* Extremely sturdy.
* The trainers are washable, so you can directly stuff them into your pocket, backpack, and also never worry about dropping them in mud or any other unfriendly places with the fear of them getting dirty.
* ONE SET contains 5 pieces.
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