Pastel Playing Cards - Limited Edition

Pastel Playing Cards - Limited Edition
Pastel Playing Cards have been designed with the purpose of having a deck of cards that looks equally good for both magic and cardistry.

CARDISTRY: The back design makes the edges seem to connect during fans and spreads, helping create stunning visuals effortlessly during cardistry with the design helping accentuate every move.

MAGIC: Each deck also comes with a matching double backer and a dual colored double backer for some classics in magic.

COMPLETELY CUSTOM Deck with all pips being hand drawn from scratch for all 4 suits including custom Ace of Spades and Jokers.

The TUCK BOX has a matte velvet finish featuring a uniquely designed look that makes it a piece of art, especially when 3 or more tucks are aligned in a specific way.

CUSTOM BRICK BOX with purchase of every 12 decks using the same luxurious velvet stock.

• Limited edition of 1000 decks
• Linen Finish
• Custom Luxurious Velvet Feel Tuck Box
• Custom Brick Box
• Fully custom deck which has 56 cards (52 cards, 2 jokers and 2 different double backers)
• Designed by Vivek Singhi
• Poker sized

The deck is now AVAILABLE for Preorders and the Special Discount ends as soon as Preorders close which ends on 7 Jan 2019 and shipping begins :)
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