Our first ever Mystery Deck release is here !!!

For the past 8 years, we've been collecting our favorite decks, sourcing out of print editions, and they're all here...while supplies last !!!

All Mystery Decks come wrapped and sealed in a luxurious paper designed specifically for this. Distribution is random. We only guarantee that the value of your Mystery Deck is at least the price you pay, and in some cases its value is much much higher !!!

Mystery decks range from blue seals, un-cancelled casino decks, vintage decks to modern sold out custom cards as well as the jerry's nugget cardistry trainers.

Mystery Deck Range:
Black - Special Limited Edition & Extremely Rare Decks (List Below)
Gold - Each deck is worth 24.95 or more
Silver - Each deck is worth $14.95 or more
Matte - Each deck is worth $9.95 or more

Black, Blue, Pink, Green, Sleight & Carrot Fontaines
Absolut Vodka Deck
Blue Seal Edgewater Casino Deck (Uncancelled)
Smoke & Mirrors V3 (Luxury Edition - ULTRA RARE)
Red Crown - Luxury Edition
Chicken Nuggets - Random Color (Signed by Hanson Chien)
Fultons October Playing Cards - First Ed.
Mirage V2 (Signed by Patrick Kun)
Mirage V1
Black, Red and Blue JAQK
Brown Wynn (ULTRA RARE)
Blue Borderless Artifice V1 (ULTRA RARE)
Black Ltd Ed NOC PACS Cardistry Trainers
Altruism Deck (Both Editions)
Odyssey V1 Limited Edition
Virtuoso V1, V2, V3
Orbit V1, V2
Madison Players
Product Name Price Qty

Mystery Deck (BLACK)


Mystery Deck (GOLD)


Mystery Deck (SILVER)


Mystery Deck (MATTE)

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