GREAT MOGUL Playing Cards

GREAT MOGUL Playing Cards
The GREAT MOGUL playing cards have the standard Bee back design, Aces and Jokers which is a brand playing cards are the preferred deck among casinos, gamblers, and serious card technicians around the world. Their soft finish, lack of borders, and casino grade quality stock make the deck ideal for disguising false shuffles, second deals, and more. Perfect for gambling demonstrations.

The front of the tuck states THE U.S. PLAYING CARD CO. - CINCINNATI, OHIO 45212. Need we say more guys. Available in RED and BLUE in limited quantities at a very affordable price.

As BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL, we are giving away a brick of the GREAT MOGUL Playing cards with the brick box at 25% discount. Only 12 brick boxes available.
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Great Mogul Playing Cards - Brick of 12 Decks


GREAT MOGUL Playing Cards - Red


GREAT MOGUL Playing Cards - Blue

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