Chess Club Playing Cards - Numbered Seal Edition (USPCC)

Chess Club Playing Cards - Numbered Seal Edition (USPCC)
CHESS CLUB Playing Cards feature hand sketched custom artwork by Vivek Singhi all across the deck, every aspect of the deck - from the back design to the suits to the court cards to the eye catching joker, and the tuck box with the King hiding in the shadows, no attention has been left out while creating this masterpiece with over 2 years in the making. What’s even cooler is that the deck is completely marked for suits in a way that can be identified even from a distance and once you know that method, identifying suits by looking at the back of the card is instantaneous !!!

The artworks on Chess Club Playing Cards embody the aesthetics and practicality which appeal to Magicians, Cardists, Collectors and Chess Players alike.

Key Features:
- 52 Playing Cards + 2 Custom Jokers
- Completely Marked For Suits
- Custom Tuck Box with Inside Checkered Print
- Custom Individually Numbered Deck Seal
- Printed by The United States Playing Card Company
- Unique Side Tuck Opening
- Designed by Vivek Singhi
- Limited edition of 1000 decks, no reprints ever
- Poker Sized

BONUS DOWNLOAD 1: In-depth instructional video explaining the markings from the creator – Vivek Singhi and included with an effect called "SEER" where you can identify the color of the card (Red & Black) without even looking at the cards !!! This routine has been designed specifically for this deck that will help blow minds of your audience !!

BONUS DOWNLOAD 2: In-depth instructional cardistry video "Auto Pilot" - a fast paced packet flourish which also adds up as a nice flourishy way to keep the deck order unchanged AKA False Shuffle.
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