The THOR Deck

The THOR Deck

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Includes 5 stunning solid steel playing cards in a custom box with silver printing ensuring multiple eyeballs everytime you flaunt. Each set is treated with care to give the plates a powerful matt finish look that tarnishes with usage and practice making it a very unique personalized possession.

The THOR Deck applies pressure on your fingers due to its extreme weight which helps you strengthen your grip and increase your finger strength in ways that you probably would never have imagined. A normal deck literally feels like feather after just 5 minutes of practice with the THOR deck. Each plate is approximately 3mm thick and the length and width of a standard poker sized playing card.

Free Download with purchase includes:
- Approximately 30 minutes of detailed instructions
- The Classic Pass
- Effects utilising the Classic Pass
- Bonus effect

The Classic Pass is a technique that enables you to invisibly control any selected card in the deck and and is an essential move that we believe is a must in the arsenal of the serious card magician. A true utility move, that can be used for an immeasurable number of effects and routines.

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